Three crowns

Following magical tradition on January 6th each year,

Tres Reyes Magos

– Three Wise Men – bring children gifts and good cheer.

This Feast of the Epiphany comes after Christmas on the 12th day​
To celebrate the kings’ gifts to Christ in the manger where he lay.​​

Children write notes to the Magi as Three Kings Day draws near​
Requesting a toy or a gift to make their wishes quite clear.​

Letter for the Reyes Magos

Activities abound on the awaited celebration’s eve.
Shoes filled with hay under the Christmas tree the children all leave.

That night, Kings Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar replace gifts for the hay
Before the sun rises across communities that celebrate this day.

Shoes with the letter for the Reyes Magos

And throughout the holidays, families prepare food both delicious and grand:
From perníl, bacalao and empanadas, to tamalescoquito and flan.  

Across Spain, Latin America and Hispanic communities in the United States,
The customary eating of the Rosca de Reyes no longer awaits.

Two siblings with plates

This wreath-shaped sweet bread is topped with fruits that are dried,
And a figurine of baby Jesus is tucked carefully inside.

Hosting Dia de la Candelaria falls upon who finds the baby in their slice
Celebrated on February 2nd, 40 days after Christmas to be precise.

Rosca de Reyes with little baby doll