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To us, the word "sabor” means a great deal more than flavor. It’s much more than just what happens when you combine culinary ingredients. To us, "sabor” is something you feel and sense, not just taste. It comes from our unique mix of cultures, family traditions, customs – and, yes, seasonings.

"Sabor” is what makes our own Lopez Negrete Communications familia unique as we work tirelessly and enthusiastically to deliver dynamic, persuasive taste in our work and interactions throughout the year. It is what you feel when you walk the halls of any of our offices across the continent.

This "sabor” has taken almost 30 years to marinate to perfection. So, as we enter the third decade of our story, we hope that the delicious recipes included in this year’s "En Familia” cookbook will encourage you to celebrate the taste experiences of the holidays and get a taste of who we are, where we come from and how we love to share with you, the clients, friends, family and partners who make us who we are. Some of these recipes have been passed down for generations; some are recent creations from our kitchens and homes; and many in the "En Familia” archives are from colleagues from years past. Yet, they are all from the heart.

From our families to yours, may your holidays be filled with love and mucho sabor!

Alex and Cathy