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Frosty the Cheeseman

BY Sonny Villarreal

Ingredients This recipe is super fun and super easy! Our self-proclaimed head chef of the house, Soleil, will be helping build Frosty this year and introduce her brother, Stellan, to the tradition! A handful of goat cheese, another handful of cream cheese, a guilty portion of grated Parmesan cheese, a single carrot, some fresh rosemary, those raisins from 3 years ago that live in the back corner of your pantry, smallest jar of maraschino cherries you can find, and some radicchio.
First, mix all the cheeses together. Easy enough. Form the top and bottom cheese balls that will serve as the body of our lovely snowman. Next, snip off the tail of your carrot and place as the nose to our cheesy creation. After that, place a few raisins as Frosty's eyes and buttons. Then, grab two twigs of rosemary to give our little guy some arms. We've tried asparagus for the arms, but it's really not necessary. And the extra stuff on his head is completely optional. OK, we're almost there! The next step is to take a maraschino cherry and slice a tiny strip so that we have a mouth. And lastly, cut a tiny strip of radicchio to give Frosty his scarf. That's it!