Welcome Gradient Welcome

For thousands of years, one of the most sincere and heartfelt expressions of caring and appreciation has been when one shares a family recipe. Whether a simple soup recipe or a more complex entrée – each recipe is shared with the same goodwill and provides the same small window into one’s own family history and heritage. It is actually one of the most personal gifts someone can give.

This marks the 21st anniversary of our sharing the recipes of our collective familia with you, our beloved clients, vendors and friends. And, we do so with the same sincerity, love and appreciation we always have, whether it was back when we printed our own simple wire-bound recipe books in-house, or today, via this digital version that can be shared in an instant around the world. These recipes reflect the wonderfully unique mix of nationalities, cultures and personalities that make up our agency and its character.

We hope you enjoy some of these recipes, and that you adopt them as your own to enjoy and share for years to come.

From our families to yours, we wish you a delightfully peaceful and delicious holiday season, and a prosperous and healthy 2017.

Cathy & Alex