Whether it’s a secret handshake, an inside joke, or a yearly skiing trip, every family has a tradition. Something that brings the whole gang together to share, love, experience and cherish. But, there’s no tradition more important, intimate or longer lasting than food. The tradition of savoring flavors and the company of loved ones is unique to every family, and recipes are passed down from generation to generation. Most of these recipes are so secret and unique that even the folks at Area 51 are scratching their heads!

There’s no better way to keep a tradition alive than by sharing it, and all of the recipes in this book are much more than delicious food. In the spirit of the holidays, we’re once again letting you in on a few secrets of our own. They’re the heart and soul of our holidays, and even though we know your great-great Aunt’s chicken pot pie is out of this world (we’ll get that recipe someday!), we’re overjoyed to pass these traditions on – from our familia to yours.

We hope some of our traditions become a staple in your home and are enjoyed by your entire family.

We wish you a truly delicious, joyful and fulfilling holiday season and a healthy, wonderful 2018!