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Culture. Tradition. History. Rituals. Stories. Love. Few things communicate as much as when a family recipe is shared. And, few things unite the way food does. Every time-tested dish tells a story, and every time one gathers with loved ones to cook a meal, a cherished memory is created.

Once again, the holiday season brings with it the priceless gift of seeing our family continue to grow and another opportunity for us to share with you our treasured family recipes and stories. We hope you enjoy the 25th edition of the LNC Familia Tasty Treasures Holiday Cookbook, and that you enjoy the recipes and the stories as much as we enjoy sharing them with you.

We thank you for being part of our family, our journey and our lives.
The LNC Familia wishes you and yours a joyous, peaceful, and delicious holiday and a healthy, bountiful new year.

Cathy and Alex

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